Rules and Regulations

Global Baptist Theological Institute & Seminary
I. Requirements for Admission

1. Those who seek admission into the school are required to turn in the application fee along with the required forms stated below:
1) Application for Admission (application form assigned by the school with a photo attached)
2) One copy of Proof of Graduation
3) Financial Statement (only applies to internationals)
2. Turned in forms will be carefully evaluated by the Faculty Council.
3. Admission decisions are determined two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

II. Rules on Readmission

1. Students who have failed to take consecutive classes for more than 3 semesters must apply for readmission.
2. Students seeking readmission into the school must turn in the application fee along with the Readmission Request Form and the Application for Readmission.
3. Students who haven’t fully paid their financial obligations to the school are not considered for readmission (paying in installments is permitted)

III. Guidelines on Leave of Absences and Transfers

1. Absence for more than 30 days due to an illness or an unavoidable circumstance requires documentary evidence for absence and a Leave of Absence form that must be turned in to the Office of Academic Affairs.
2. Payments already made to the school will not be refunded for a Leave of Absence or Transfers made during the school year. For internationals, all deposits excluding the full year tuition are refunded.
3. If the student takes a Leave of Absence before the start of the semester but has already paid for tuition, the student must pay the increased value of the tuition following their return.

IV. Rules on Transferring Credit

1. To transfer earned credits from other schools, a transcript must be turned in to the Office of Academic Affairs before admission. Credit recognition will not be given to students who failed to turn in their transcript without notifying the Office of Academic Affairs before the one month period.
2. Students who transferred from other colleges or seminaries may only receive credit recognition on courses that surpassed a grade letter of C.
3. Credit recognition only applies to courses that are within the curriculum of this school.
4. Credit recognition may not be given if the transcript is deemed unacceptable to this school.
5. For transfer students, credit recognition for Th.B may not surpass 60 credit hours and for M. Div and M.R.E, only 30 credit hours. A.D. does not receive credit recognition at all.
6. For students who have finished A.D. and are continuing to TH.B., 60 credit hours are recognized. However, this rule does not apply to transfer students who have already received credit recognition (nor do students who are already taking other courses).

V. Rules on Course Registration

1. Students are required to turn in their tuition deposit payments before the registration period.
2. Students are not authorized to change courses. In case of an unavoidable circumstance that requires a change in courses, students must submit a Change of Course Request Form before the registration date in order to receive approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.
3. Course registration must be done during registration period assigned by the school. The student must be issued the Course Registration Form and Course Timetable in order to register for desired courses.
4. To withdraw from a course, the student must receive permission from the professor before the two week period.
5. International students must enroll as a full-time student. For Bachelor of Theology(Th.B) degree, students must register for 12 credit hours; for Master of Divinity (M.Div) degree and Mater of Religious Education(M.R.E) degree, 9 credit hours.

VI. Rules on Auditing

1. Students who wish to audit a class must submit an application fee as well as Application for Admission just as a full-time student would.
2. Those who are approved for auditing can only attend lectures after submitting the course fee deposit as well as the course application form.
3. Students auditing are not permitted to ask questions or take part in the discussions.
4. Students are not permitted to audit more than two courses per semester.

VII. Guidelines on Degree Programs

1. Required courses must be completed. In case the course is not yet available on campus or for any other unavoidable circumstances, the required course can be replaced with another course.
2. A course may be canceled if less than eight students apply.
3. Students do not have authority to shorten the time for their designated degree-program (early graduation). Therefore, students who wish to take more than 12 credit hours per semester must submit a form to the Office of Academic Affairs and receive approval from the dean.
4. To change a degree program, the student must submit both the application and the course transcript to receive approval from the dean of Academic Affairs.
5. Students who have already finished a degree program and wants to start another must fill out a new Application for Admission, and can only apply for courses after gaining admission into the school.

VIII. Testing and Grading Guidelines

1. Students who fail to show up for exams due to illness or an unavoidable circumstance must submit documentary evidence as well as a Retake Application before ten days after the incident.
2. Student who fail a required course must retake it.
3. Cheating on an exam, whether it involves giving or receiving answers, will result in an automatic fail.
4. Students who have a problem with the grade they received can send their transcript and the Application Form for Dispute to their professor and the Office of Academic Affairs to receive a new grade. Deadline is 15 days and grades are non-negotiable after this time.
5. Canceling a lecture before 9 weeks for 16-week lectures or 4 weeks for 8-week lectures will result in a W grade but F grade is given after this time.

IX. Attendance Policy

1. Attendance is mandatory and students should not be absent unless it is inevitable.
2. Students who have been absent for more than ⅓ of class meetings will automatically receive an F.
3. In case of absence due to an unavoidable circumstance, students must submit an absence report to the Office of Academic Affairs. Those who have failed to do so will receive an Academic Warning.

X. Tuition Policy

1. All fees and tuition must be paid before or in the beginning of the school term. For those unable to pay the full amount may pay in installments with the approval from the chairman.
2. Students with financial hold up to $1,000.00 are not allowed to register for classes until it is paid.
3. Students requiring the I-20 Form must make a deposit of 20,000.00 before enrollment. The deposit can be used for payments.
4. Graduating Seniors must make all payments before graduation.
5. In case of canceling a course with the approval from the dean of Academic Affairs, the amount of course payment refunded varies:
Before the semester starts – 100%
The first week of class – 75%
The second week of class – 50%
The third week of class – 25%
After the third week of class, no payments will be refunded.
6. Online courses are not refunded.
7. Refunds are not permitted for changing from a required course to an online course.

XI. Rules on Academic Warnings and Probations

1. Students who are failing more than one class or has a GPA less than 1.0 will receive an academic warning.
2. Internationals who have already received an academic warning will face expulsion when faced with another academic warning.
3. Residents who received more than three academic warnings will face expulsion.
4. Students who go against school policies and are deemed disruptive to the school community can be expelled by the dean through a Faculty Council meeting.

XII. Rules on Graduation

1. Required credit for graduation is stated below:
● A.D. 60 credit
● Th. B. 128 credit
● M. R. E. 60 credit
● M. Div. 96 credit
2. Graduating Seniors must have cumulative GPA of over 2.0, upheld chapel rules, and have great standing for absences.
3. Graduating Seniors must submit Graduation Application and be present at the Graduation. For absences due to unavoidable circumstances, permission must be granted by the school.

XIII. Guidelines on Weather Closures

1. Whenever Dallas schools (DISD) are closed due to inclement weather, classes are also canceled at GBS without further notice.

XIII. Guidelines for Internationals

1. Internationals are not authorized to take a Leave of Absence. If a Leave of Absence is unavoidable due to personal circumstances, the student must turn in documentary evidence to the Office of Academic Affairs to receive approval from the Dean of Academic Affairs.
2. Internationals are required to promptly report to the school if there is any change of address
3. Internationals must contact the school immediately for absences exceeding two weeks in order to avoid being reported to the immigration office.
4. Internationals must be registered for a full course load.
5. Internationals are not permitted to work outside of school without Employment Authorization Document(EAD).

XIV. Dress Codes and Proper Etiquettes

1. Students must dress appropriately. Clothing that shows too much skin or goes against Christian values is not permitted.
2. Offensive shoes or walking in classrooms and offices barefoot are prohibited.
3. Students must act in a respectful and considerate way to all students on campus.
4. Smoking cigarettes is not permitted around campus buildings.
5. Students must park using the church’s parking lot.

XV. Regulations on Student Life

1. Any type of student organizations or meetings must receive approval from the dean a week before the meeting date.
2. Students must receive approval from the dean in order to distribute flyers for any type of advertisements or notices.

XVI. Regulations on Online Courses

1. Students are not permitted to exceed 12 credit hours per semester for online courses. Those who wish to take more than 12 credit hours must receive approval from the dean of academic affairs.
2. Students taking online courses must earn ¼ of the credit needed for graduation from lectures. ***
3. Assignments must be turned in before the end of the semester. Assignments that have passed the due date will have points taken off.
4. Those who wish to enroll in an online course must go through an official admission process.
5. Internationals are not allowed to take courses online.
6. Timetable for online courses is the same as regular courses.

XVII. Library Rules and Regulations

1. Any student or professor attending the school are permitted to take full usage of the library. However, borrowed books must be returned on time or late fees will be charged ($0.25 per day).
2. Lost or damaged books must be replaced with new ones. If the book is irreplaceable, a fine must be paid, which includes not only the cost of the book but the working expense ($10.00).

XVIII. Guidelines and Rules on Chapel

1. Chapels are held twice per semester and attendance is mandatory for all seminary students.
2. A Report of Absence must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs in case of absence due to an unavoidable circumstance.
3. Students who fail to show up for Chapel will have scholarships or grants taken away and their graduation may be postponed.

XIX. Guidelines on Global Baptist Seminary & Washington College and International Seminary

1. Through the articulation agreement in the basis of the same spiritual belief, both schools have been dedicated to raising workers for the Kingdom since 2010. ***
2. .Both schools partake in sharing the credit of their students. ***
3. Both schools, accordance to the graduation policies, partake in sharing of the diploma