Global Baptist Theological Institute & Seminary


Overhead costSchool Expenses$150One-time payment upon enrollment
Application Fee$50One-time payment upon enrollment
Student Fee$50Pay every semester (except summer and winter lectures)
Enrolment Fee$50Pay every semester (except summer and winter lectures)
Graduation Fee$300One-time payment upon graduation (including one diploma and one transcript)
Transcript Fee$10Cost per sheet upon request (excluding one sheet at graduation)
Tuition per creditAssociate Degree(A.D)$90
Bachelor of Theology(Th.B)$120
Master of Religious Education MRE, Mdiv$150
Scholarship Church-affiliated Scholarships$30/$30/$40Attendance church 30%, school 30%, self-pay 40%
Scholarships for Pastor’s wives50%Scholarship benefits up to 50% of tuition fees
Tuition Fee ScholarshipVariable applicationIncome Tax Report on Application for Tuition Fee
* There are no double benefits for more than two scholarships


1. Scholarships for Pastors and Pastor’s wives 50% off tuition (Excluding summer and winter lectures)

2. Church Matching Scholarship
Global Baptist Seminary supports ministry in local churches and this scholarship, supported by both the school and church, is created in order to help raise God’s workers.
1) This scholarship is participated by students of churches and schools.
2) The school will provide up to 30% tuition scholarship for full time students who register up to more than 13 credit hours under the circumstances that the church also provides more than 30% of tuition. (The student must submit proof of employment to the church and turn in the tuition through church’s check)

3. Any churches regardless of their denomination can participate in this program.