Mission Statement

Global Baptist Theological Institute & Seminary


GBTIS is more than just research institute. 

We are a community of believers dedicated to serving Christ.
GBTIS presents outstanding individuals dedicated to Christ.

GBTIS presents outstanding individuals dedicated to Christ. Our school aims for a balanced education. The staff not only provides the best quality of education but works hard so that the education students received will not be wasted. Professors are not only certain that the words in the Bible are the truth but they teach so that those words can actively be carried out in our lives. Our school works to harvest and send out the best individuals who will carry out their mission readily and successfully.

Ideology of Establishment/ Philosophy

This seminary was established in order to train servants of Christ who will wholeheartedly believe the New Testament as the word of God and handle missions with possible martyrdom.


Because the New Testament is created through the holy inspiration of God, it is the truth, and the authority belonging to God. The Bible not only contains scientific and historical content but ethical and theological content as well.

The Trinity

The omniscient and omnipotent God exists as the divine three, more specifically, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

The Creation

Time, fundamental systems, and organisms of the universe were all specially created along the 6 days of creation.


Historicity means the belief that historical events stated in the bible are accurate. This includes that Adam and Eve are original ancestors of humanity, the fall of man resulted in a spiritual curse, and the flood against humanity and the origin of the start of nations and languages are traced back to the Tower of Babel.

The Son

Jesus Christ is both a sinless man as well as the perfect God. He is both divine and human because He was conceived by a virgin and incarnated as man.


Christology concerns the death of Jesus Christ as well as his funeral, resurrection, and ascension, both spiritually and physically. Christology is about the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the sins of the world.


Salvation means personal salvation from eternal punishment. It can only be achieved by atonement centered around the death and the rise of Jesus which is the grace of God. This is only given to us by personal faith, created by the ministry of Jesus Christ.


Satan is a wicked being, who tempts and accuses. There is a place ready for their eternal punishment, and here will they eternally suffer.

The end times

The end time concerns both reward and punishment, and it is about Jesus Christ coming to Earth in his physical form. He will judge the world of its sins and cleanse it, in order to not only build an eternal kingdom but to complete His redemptive work.